What do you do for NBB?
I am the Brigade’s Secretary and pretty much tackle whatever comes my way.

Why did you join NBB? 
The Brigade offers me the opportunity to really put my handprint on a great cause and make a difference in the Nashville community. Spending such a large part of my life in Illinois, it was such a big relief when Nashville made me feel so at home. This is just my way of saying ‘thank you.’

Why is the fight against hunger important to you?
I have had plenty of times in my life where my family or I have ‘stolen from Peter to pay Paul,’ and had to figure out a way to put food on the table. Thanks to it being a priority of my parents and having good people around us, somehow our bellies never went empty. To this day, we value family meals and the time spent around the table.

Food is fuel for the soul – it gives us energy, life and hope. It brings us together at the table and allows us to bond and connect. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to share in that.

Where’d you grow up, go to school, live before here? 
I grew up in Naperville, IL – a suburb of Chicago – and went to school at the University of Iowa. After school, I bounced around the suburbs and lived in the city a bit before moving to Nashville in 2010.

What brought you to Nashville?
I came to Nashville when I accepted a position in the country music touring industry, but ultimately, I came Nashville to make it my home. With great people and community spirit, I’ve had a pretty easy task of doing just that.

What is your favorite part about Nashville?
That small town charm.

What do you do when you’re not feeding families?
I love the outdoors, fitness, crafting and being active in the community, but above all, I value time spent with family and friends and getting into whatever mischief we can.

Favorite place to grab a bite?
I am an M Street fan – Virago, Tavern, Moto – Yes Please!

What’s your go-to movie quote?
“I have all this money….and no dress” – Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman

If we logged into your Netflix, what would we see?
A solid combination of Blacklist, Friends, The Office, Parks and Recreation and How I Met your Mother

Who do you root for?
The Chicago Cubbies, Green Bay Packers and Dale Jr

What is your guilty pleasure? 
My Monday nights go to Dancing with the Stars!

What’s your life’s motto? 
“I just want them to know that they didn’t break me.” Molly Ringwald, Pretty in Pink