What do you do for NBB?
I am the president, but without the team that I work with, this project would be impossible.  I get to do a number of things throughout the year, including assembling and delivering baskets as well as 4am runs to Kroger the night before assembly.

Why did you join NBB? 
I wanted a way to give back to the Nashville community.  I truly believe that Nashville is one of the most community oriented cities in the world, and I’m proud to be a part of it.  If you want to read more about how I started the Basket Brigade, head on over to the “Ben’s Story” page.

Why is the fight against hunger important to you?
It’s much more than just feeding families.  One of my favorite things to do each year is deliver baskets directly to the families.  That’s where you see what it’s all about.  When a family gets a basket, you see a variety of reactions.  Some are amazed that someone thought about them on Thanksgiving, some simply say “thanks,” and some break down and cry.  Being able to share this joy with these families is amazing.  That’s what it’s all about.

Where’d you grow up, go to school, live before here? 
I grew up in Sarasota, Florida.  I went to a Montessori school from Kindergarten through my senior year of high school.  My biggest take away from Montessori was learning to teach myself – I love picking up new hobbies by watching someone else or reading a book.

What is your favorite part about Nashville?
the food and the community.  We have amazing restaurants and amazing people.

What do you do when you’re not feeding families?
Sailing with my Fiancé, brewing beer in my kitchen, remodeling my house, Rock climbing.

Favorite place to grab a bite?

What’s your go-to movie quote?
“It goes to eleven”

If we logged into your Netflix, what would we see?
Whatever Kara has watched recently.  I stole her Netflix password… don’t tell her.

Who do you root for?
The nashville sounds!

What is your guilty pleasure? 
Eating chocolate chip cookie dough off the mixing paddles.

What are 3 things you always have with you? 
A bottle opener, Trident White Gum, and a Camera